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ultrasonic rat rodent repellent system working principle 2020


pest rat rodent repellent system 2020 Electronic rodent repellent , rat repellent, rat control system rodent repellent system , car rat repellent ,is high technology electronics device like transmitter and emits high Frequency sound called  Russell viper snake’s Ultrasonic Waves have Frequency, above 20KHz, which is the upper limit of the hearing range of the human ear. These powerful Russell viper sound waves hit the eardrums of rats. As the rats do not have the ability to close their ear, they have to listen to the sound waves, Causing pain, fear and anxiety and enabling them to leave the place.  This powerful machine emits Russell viper snakes frequency so rat feared  and leave that place.



  • 24 hours Supports.

  • 100% Protections

  • Creates Hygienic Environment

  • Silent Operations

  • Repels 42 types of rats,mice, rodents worldwide.

  • 45 Days frequency Rotations automatic so rat cannot habituates

  • Huge Effect Range

  • Power Consumption only 500mA (Example : only take same as mobile charging power)

  • Harmless to humans

Video Understanding :
  1. Rat in in Relax Position        = 00.16 Seconds

  2. Rat Control Machine Starts = 00.29 Seconds

  3. Rat Irritate                             = 00.56 Seconds

  4. Rat Highly Irritate                 = 01.58 Minutes  

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