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rodent repellent system

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ultrasonic rat repellent systems ,We are the pioneers in the field of electronic rodent control using Russel viper snake frequency as a medium under the brand name "Shyam Innovations" and are in this business for the past 12 years.we have research in 42 types of rats in the world

      Quality and integrity have been our corporate motto since inception; and we are dedicated to producing superior quality products, which is backed, by unparalleled customer service and support.

   We had thoroughly researched Rodent activities like their behavior, habitats, adaptations and also their effect on the environment before using Russel viper snake frequency as a tool to combat their menace. It has been a tedious but nonetheless a rewarding task. Unlike traps and chemicals our products minimize human contacts with disease bearing rodents i.e. no dead rodents to dispose off. They are environmentally friendly and safe for pets and children too.

     Shyam Innovations And Technologies use this innovative German technology where in rodents are repelled using non-toxic & and Russel viper snack frequency sound and its variable so you can increase volume as per area and also decrease volume as per area . They do not get killed but are successfully repelled.

We are the only manufacturer in India whose equipments

Protect many VVIP flights.

Have been cleared for use in X-ray, baggage section, computer rooms, server rooms etc. at the Airports by the Health Department, and the Engineering Faculty of Air India and ECIL.

Have been extensively tested by the Governments and major Institutions like Defence ResearchLaboratories, Mumbai municipality corporations, GIA

America Company Gemological instates of America

Ultrasonic pes Rat Control System

Repelles Rat From Our Premises

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