Electronic Rat control System is high technology electronics device like transmitter and emits high Frequency sound called  Russell viper snake’s Ultrasonic Waves have Frequency, above 20KHz, which is the upper limit of the hearing range of the human ear. These powerful Russell viper sound waves hit the eardrums of rats. As the rats do not have the ability to close their ear, they have to listen to the sound waves, Causing pain, fear and anxiety and enabling them to leave the place.  This powerful machine emits Russell viper snakes frequency so rat feared  and leave that place.


  • Features   -  URC-1 Auto model

  • Input supply - 230 V AC. Country wise we will Customize it

  • Power Consumptions - 500 mA. (very low)

  • Area covered-   As per customize Room Godown. Office, Plant

  • Rodent Repels- 42 types of rats.

  • Frequency - 25 Khz to 65 Khz

  • Voltage : 230V  plug and play  ( 230 Volts AC - 500 mA )

  • Working protection from rats  : 24 hours X 7

  • Size : 24 Centimeter width and 13 Centimeter height

  • Thickness : 0.4 feet

  • Body : Coated metal iron

  • Frequency : 20khz to 65khz  for rat only

  • Cover : it's cover 42 types of rats mouse and rodents.

  • Warranty :2 years from the date of installations.

  • System life : 10 years.

  • 45 days frequency rotation so rat is not habitate

  • Safe and Clean

  • Doesn't kill rats but drive them out

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This system used in Houses, Restaurants, hotels, Supermarkets,Schools,hospitals,bakery,warehouses,butcheries,food&beverages industries,waterparks,feed producing mills, poultry farms, public institutions,animal covervatories, agriculture store houses, flour mills. Malt factories, sugar industries, art galleries, rubbed industries, ships, docks, power plants, cable rooms, camera rooms, offices, especially for office ceiling, paper mills, machinery manufactures rooms, printing industry, steel industry, and all.

rat repellent 7

rat repellent 7

rat repellent 3

rat repellent 3

rat repellent 5

rat repellent 5

rat control

rat control

Rat control systems

Rat Control Systems

Rat Control Systems

This technology is totally german technology its emites russel viper snack frequency sound waves and which hits the ear drum of rates as the rats do not any ability to close their ear they have to listen to the sound waves causing pain,fear and anxiety and enabling them to leave the place.

Rat Control system URC-1

Rat Control system URC-1


1 Ultra pest

1 Ultra pest


Author: Gordon Ivory

Insurance companies, adjusters and other real estate professionals need to be aware of the destruction that rodents can cause. Rats and mice start fires by chewing on electrical wires causing millions of dollars of structure damage each year.

It has been estimated that rodents cause up to 20 percent of undetermined fires in the United States each year. As a professional fire investigator, I have investigated numerous fires over the years involving rodent infestation in everything from houses to cars to motorcycles and even lawn tractors. Mice and rats chew constantly because their teeth are always growing. They have incisor teeth that butt up against each other. They will chew through soft concrete, aluminum, wallboards, and plastic pipes. Field mice move undercover in the winter months and prefer to live near the warmth of electrical components.


Insurance Concerns

              Most standard homeowner insurance policies contain a number of exclusions, including insect and rodent infestation. Homeowners are expected to take care of their homes, businesses or structures and deal with maintenance issues on their own, at their own expense. However, most insurance companies will cover losses that result from an unexpected loss or hidden damage. This means that if a rat or mouse or other rodent chews into electrical wires which results in a fire, the insured should under most cases be covered providing that the rodent problem was not noticeable.

Another concern with rodents chewing through wires is electrocution and if the nest is next to a furnace, it can be ignited by the hot surface. Even after the insured has sustained a fire loss, make sure the structure is correctly boarded up as soon as possible, as this will discourage mice and rats from entering and causing additional damage.

These rodents can also transmit diseases to humans such as typhus fever, trichinosis, plague, infectious jaundice, salmonella, bubonic plague and rat-mice dermatitis.