Snakes Control Systems

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The Snake Repellent – produces strong, powerful & discreet vibrations beneath the instsalled areas signalling danger to snakes and giving them indications to STAY AWAY.

Snakes have very poor eyesight and they cannot hear sonic waves transmitted by the air. To make up, they can sense vibrations transmit from the ground by their jowls as a signal of danger. Thus, using the vibrant sound could be a practical, and effective way to scare snakes away from a certain area.

The very convenient and newly developed electronic  SNAKE REPELLENTis powered on a set of 4 pcs. D size alkaline battery. Just insert 4 pcs. D size (1.5V) alkaline battery and bury the SNAKE REPELLENT at an angle around 30 degree into the ground. Be sure to leave 1/5 portion of the aluminum shaft on the ground. The  SNAKE REPELLENT will generate unique and random vibrations plus strikes travelling far underground. For snakes, the vibrations and strikes are the signals of danger. This could cause snakes be aware of the danger and frighten them away.

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  • Waterproof

  • No maintenance & easy installation

  • Working day & night constantly

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